Pragmatic Gifts For Granny Aren’t Just For Christmas

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We received the dreaded call yesterday. With a matter of days to go before Christmas, Mom dropped an absolute bombshell on us. “Have you got granny a present?” Our heart stopped momentarily as the conversation we had rushed back to me and the feeling of guilt swelled. We had forgotten it was our turn to get the grandparents a present this year – something we have always taken in turn. But as disastrous as this was, it wasn’t all doom and gloom.


You see, as people get older, they become less sentimental and become more pragmatic. It’s amazing. It’s one of the best qualities associated with growing older. Most grandparents have spent their lives collecting things like appliances and coffee mugs and fridge magnets and clothes, and so the idea of getting more stuff just for the sake of getting more stuff doesn’t sit well with them.


What we have found out – by listening – is they want gifts that are going to make their lives easier in some way or another, or staying safe or making day-to-day life easier. They want stuff that has a useful function and not just the ability to waste more space. It’s brutal – the truth always is – yet it is so admirable too.


So, with that in mind, we decided to use this topic as inspiration for our latest blog. So, without further ado, here are the best gifts to go out and buy your elderly loved ones before you see them in a few days.


  1. Hello, Alexa

Usually, on the tech front, Apple is years ahead of its competitors, yet it is Amazon that leads the charge on this front with the Alexa. For some, the Amazon Echo is nothing but a gimmick, but for others, it is one of the best ways to live a better life. Yes, at face value, it is a wireless speaker, but it is so much more than that. Using nothing but your voice, you can command it it to do so much. Make notes, construct a shopping list, act as a calendar, play music, search the internet, create to-do lists, get weather reports, find out which is the safest route to drive somewhere and a whole host of other things. Technology and the older generation are a natural fit – they weren’t brought up on the basics and that makes most tech quite a challenge from the get-go. But the rules don’t apply on this front because all you need to control it is your voice.


  1. Sense The Light

Seeing in the dark isn’t easy for anyone, but the challenge becomes so much tougher as you get older. In fact, it becomes a real issue. However, get your lovely grandparents some light switch sensors and the problem becomes solved; the lights automatically turn on the moment someone enters the room and they turn off when the person leaves. Helpful and money-saving. It’s a Christmas miracle. These are the kind of pragmatic gifts that your granny and pop-pop will a) not have heard about before and b) absolutely adore, which makes them the ultimate present. You will become the hero of Christmas (even if they are late).


  1. Specialty Phones

Mobile phones have revolutionized the world, for better for worse. In the eyes of the elderly, it is all a bit of nonsense, this idea of playing around on Snapchat and scrolling through Facebook and filtering your photos and looking at the world through a periscope. However, what isn’t a load of nonsense is being able to get hold of people and, better yet, people being able to get hold of them, which is where the no-nonsense SnapFon comes in, and you can visit Snapfon for more information. The point is, family members often get worried about their elderly ones, especially when they aren’t picking up at home. It is that, “have they fallen?” moment that worries people no end, even though they are just out doing their grocery shop. However, it is better to have a phone they can use and not need it than to need a phone they can use and not have one. That’s the conundrum this phone answers.


  1. Magnetic Clasp

One of the first thing that goes in old age is dexterity. We don’t think of it, but it is one of the frustrations that can really frustrate an elderly lady that craves her independence, especially when a simple task like putting on jewelry becomes a challenge. Yet, that could well be the reason your granny – or your mom – has stopped wearing necklaces; she is having a tough time fastening them. Well, some genius came up with the idea of a magnetic clasp that makes fastening any kind of jewelry as simple as snapping them together. No fussing or fumbling or getting frustrated, you just put them together and the strong magnet holds them in place. Trust us, if you get your elderly loved one a magnetic clasp for their jewelry, you are going to get a heartwarming look of thanks; the kind that says thank you for paying attention; the kind that will warm your heart like never before.


  1. Introduction To Induction

Another huge part of being independent is that ability to cook. But even that can pose a worry to you. What if they forget to turn their hob off? What if they scold their hands or their fingers? What if something goes wrong? Well, the easiest way to appease everyone is to get them an induction hob that just sits on a countertop. For those that haven’t come across this technology yet, it is amazing. It allows food to heat up in a pan, but it is not hot to touch. It’s mind-blowing. What’s more, these devices tend to switch off automatically in 60 seconds if not used and turn off automatically if left on for too long. You could even get them the induction hob yourself, while everyone else in your family buys them induction cookware so that they have all the pots and pans they need to cook a twelve-course banquet.