Stay Safe Through Christmas



It is less than one week until we can finally leave the milk and cookie out for Santa, a carrot for the reindeer and head up to bed for the night ready for Christmas morning. You will be able to open presents, have amazing food and spend time with the people you I’ve throughout the festive season.


However, you may not be aware that this time of the year comes with a largely increased rate of accidents and incidents. With icy and snowy weather conditions outside, lots of shoppers crammed into small spaces, and the increased risk of theft; Christmas can have a dark side of its own.


If you want to stay safe and keep your family happy during the Christmas period, you may want to start looking at what you can do to make sure that bad things don’t come to you and the ones you live this holiday season, because the last thing you want is to be having o employee an accident lawyer like for Christmas.


Preventing Fires


Never leave candles lit and unattended in the home. It is tempting to have 20 candles and the fire burning at Christmas, but just be careful about leaving the room while they are on. Keep your Christmas presents and wrapping well away from the flames, and try your best not to have any wires bare or damaged.


Reduce the risk of falls


To make sure that no one trips and falls on their faces, keep the clutter to a minimum and if you do have presents in the home, keep them underneath the tree. If you have fairy lights hung around the home make sure you don’t leave the cables where people could trip.


Avoid cuts and scrapes


When you or anyone else in the house is wrapping presents, be very aware to be careful using the scissors. It might sound like common sense, but don’t walk around the house with your scissors pointed up. If you are adding batteries to toys make sure that you are careful with the screwdriver, and never use a knife to do it instead because it is likely to slip out of place and hurt you.


In the kitchen


Christmas is a time where the kitchen becomes a hub of movement and excitement, but you need to be aware not to let your rushing around cause you to lose concentration. Avoid using a wet tea towel to pick anything out of the oven because you will be burnt, clean things as you go along to reduce the clutter in the kitchen, and make sure that you always take care to cook food thoroughly before you serve it to people. If you are unsure the turkey is cooked through, slice a little bit off and check- or poke into the flesh and if the juices run clear, you are good to go. You could also invest in a meat thermometer and check if the meat is hot enough all the way through, and this will take the guesswork out of it all. You can find the ideal temperature for turkey here: