Memorable Gift Ideas For The Manly, Masculine Man In Your Life



Purchasing great gifts can be a difficult time. The thought and consideration that needs to go into making a gift truly special and worth bestowing on someone can take up all your time in thought alone. By the time they receive the gift, you might wish that they could tangibly see the actual time you invested in pure thoughtfulness alone as part of the package they receive.

Gifts are an intimate and individual consideration for every individual you give them to, but for the most part, if you stick to certain themes, you can never go wrong.

For the manly man in your life, this can be more tricky. This can be tricky if you’re not a man, let alone a manly man. What could you purchase the guy in your life who is so masculine that their mustache hairs rubbed together could cause a fire? What do you purchase for the man so masculine that 90% of his wardrobes are plaid shirts and stonewashed jeans?

Never fear, because this smart (and somewhat humorous) guide is here to help you.

Surname Engraving

In our growingly disposable culture, a memento to the permanence of what the person to receive the gift means to you means more than ever. The man of your life will no doubt be concerned about the legacy of his name, and how he is to upkeep his side of its reputation through history.

To wear the name like a badge of honor, why not gift him an engraving of his surname in a long-lasting and durable wood? Embedded in a stone attachment or into the wood itself, a master craftsman can imbue a text etching with a great degree of character. Watch him well up with pride as you present it to him.

Classy Alcohol

Men like to feel like they possess class. Allow them to! Asking for tasting notes at your local retailer or reading a whiskey review could help you identify the best and most suitable alcohol that will help them put even more hair on their chest but do so looking like they just walked up to a bar in a Film Noir with all of the swagger and style in the world.

Premium Shaving Equipment

Men need to shave. It’s a shame for many men that modern disposable razors have taken away the profound need for durable shaving tools that can help a man fine tune his look, from full beard to goatee to mustache. No matter how well-shaven or not you enjoy your man’s face, provide him with a quality safety razor and premium shaving lotion to help smooth and facilitate a clean, accurate shave every time he does.

Hand Tools


Many men like to craft items using their hands. If they’re into classic car maintenance, woodworking or simple DIY, providing them with the tools necessary to keep their habit functioning well will be looked on as what it is, intrinsically thoughtful. If you’re not sure what to buy, a cash voucher for a store that sells these goods is a great start.

No matter what you choose, a real masculine man will be thankful for the gift regardless. But these suggestions will surely help them genuinely enjoy your generosity.