Top Destinations in Southeast Asia for Children

Wondering where to take your children on their next big adventure? You’ve been everywhere, it seems, so far, right? You’ve been to Disney. You’ve been to Mediterranean countries. You’ve been to theme parks. You’ve been to activity retreats. You’ve even found where to stay in Myeongdong, Seoul, but the question is, where next? Well, have you ever thought about Southeast Asia? If not, then the time to do so is now because there are a host of top destinations in that part of the world that you and your children will love. If you’re worried about the distance, you could check out to see what transport options you have. To look at a few of these great destinations, make sure to read on.

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Bali, Indonesia

Mainland Indonesia and its various islands (all 17,508 of them) really encapsulate the beauty of Southeast Asia. And, for your children, it will capture their interest and imagination when you take them there, too.

When it comes to choosing the most ideal Indonesia location to take your children to on their next big traveling adventure, let it be Bali. This is a place that has everything a kid could want: beaches to play on, friendly people who won’t be too daunting for them, a weather and climate that will never hold them back from having fun outside and a cuisine that they shouldn’t turn their noses up at too much! Specifically, however, there is a host of parks located in Bali that your children will absolutely love.

One such park is Waterbom Park, a waterpark come oasis that is located on the world-famous street in Bali known as Kuta. This is a park that offers countless ways and provides countless opportunities for your children to have some wet and wild fun — and you and your other half can even join in on the fun and frolicking too. Just, make sure that everybody you bring with you (your other half included) can swim and be aware that children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times in this park.

But, if water parks aren’t really your or your children’s thing, then there is always the Treetop Adventure Park. This is a park that will truly allow you and your children the chance to become at one with the nature of Indonesia as you safely travel from tree to tree. What’s more, this is a park that plays host to a host of different circuits, each of which differing in height and difficulty. So, if your family is one that naturally has that competitive edge, then challenging your kids to a treetop race might be the thing that really makes their day out at Treetop, and their time in Indonesia in general, just that little bit more special. To be able to play in this park, your children must be over the age of 4.

Or, if your family just isn’t one that takes to physical activity all that well or without a bit of moaning, then why not take it easy and head to the Bali Marine Safari Park? Here, you could just sit back in the comfort of a specially protected safari car and be driven around a real life nature reserve. And, around this nature reserve, you will come up close and personal with all the animals and wildlife that call this part of the world their home. Or, you could head to the Bali Zoo to do this as well, or even take it one step further and get yourself down to the Elephant Safari Park located in Taro. Here, you and your children would be able to do something everybody has to do when visiting Southeast Asia, encountering an elephant very up close and very personally!

A trip to Bali or a trip to Indonesia, in general, is most certainly going to provide your kids with the time of their life. And, you and the other half will probably love it that much as well that you’ll leave considering whether or not to move there! You’ll find yourself heading to a site such as Finding yourselves a nice and suitable apartment or home for you to buy. Flying yourself back out there. And enjoying the foreseeable future living in one of the most beautiful corners of the world that, well, the world has to offer!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Like Bali, Kuala Lumpur is a city in Southeast Asia that has it all going on for children. And, whether your children are thrill seekers and love a good theme park, or whether they prefer a more serene life and prefer to look at and study things, there will always be something in Malaysia’s capital to keep them entertained — in fact, there will be enough there to keep them entertained for weeks on end!

For those little thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies, there is the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. This is a place that combines a water park and theme park, which means your children are bound to find a whole day’s worth of fun and adventure within it. In fact, come the end of the day they’ll probably still not have covered half of what they could have covered, imply because of how big this place is and all that it offers. On the water park side of things, it includes a serene river ride, an exhilarating 360° revolving pirate ship and relaxing come frantic surf beach.

But, if you’d rather push your children towards the natural wonders of Malaysia, rather those that are manmade, then you should ensure that you book a day out to Taman Negara. You should do so for a number of reasons, one of which being that this is the world’s — yes the world’s — oldest rainforest. Another reason is that your children will always be able to say that they visited one of the world’s great natural wonders, no matter how the future turns out and what happens to rainforests as time passes by. In this rainforest, you and your children could go canopy walking, jungle trekking (maybe even at night, if you’re brave enough and it’s not past the children’s bedtimes), boat cruising and cave exploring.

If, however, for whatever reason Kuala Lumpur just didn’t entertain your children as you wished it would have, then there’s no need to leave Malaysia just yet in order to find them some fun. No, by traveling down the coast you will find yourself in Johor, and in Johor, you will find the only Legoland in the whole of Asia. And, neither you nor your children need convincing about how fun a day out Legoland is, surely! Or if you just want to relax on a beach or you are spoilt for choice on whether or not to experience the different destinations in Southeast Asia check out


When in that southern position of Johor in Malaysia, you will find yourself on the border of Singapore. And, it would be rude not to have a little peek at that beautiful and entertaining country whilst you’re that close to it, wouldn’t it? And you shouldn’t be scared to have a little, or a big peak at it with your kids in tow, despite some of the horror stories you may have heard about it. No, this is a sovereign city-state that is just about as family friendly as anywhere else in Southeast Asia. In fact, it could even be one of the safest due to the fact that it is very organized, very modern and very easy to navigate.

And in Singapore, you’ll find one of the biggest children attractions in the world, let alone in Southeast Asia. In Singapore, you’ll find the Universal Studios. Here, you and your children would be able to enjoy the movie-themed rides and attractions that are, for the most part, exclusive to this particular Studio, meaning you wouldn’t be able to enjoy them anywhere else.

Or, if you’d prefer to have your children indulge on something that is far more specifically focused on celebrating Southeast Asia, rather than letting them indulge on something that can be enjoyed elsewhere, then it is a good idea to take to the S.E.A. Aquarium. Here, both you and they would be able to learn all about the oceans that surround and weave in and out of the counties found in the Southeast Asian continent. You’d be able to learn about over 100,000 marine animals that are, for the most part, only found in this part of the world. And, if your kids get that itch to carry on enjoying some water-based fun, then why not jump onboard a river adventure boat with them at the Singapore River Safari Park? This is the only wildlife park that is completely river-themed and river-based in Asia, so if this is something that your kids want to do then it is here, or nowhere!

Southeast Asia may not instantly strike you as being the perfect place to take your children on their next big life adventure. But, as you can see from all the points above, it really is! It’s a corner of the world that has everything you and your children could want, and upon a trip where you’re all sure to leave with memories that will last a lifetime.

When you do go on your big adventure with your kids, just make sure to check out these tips on how to travel with kids without going insane.