5 Essential Skills They Don’t Teach in School

We learn history, calculus, economics, and more, but what about the basic skills that most people need and use throughout our lives? Why are these things not taught in school, to make not only educated adults but also functioning adults that know how to cook and properly change a tire? These are necessary skills that we will use in life, but kids do not know how to accomplish them because nobody is teaching them.

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According to Forbes, “There’s a huge disconnect in this country. Millions of Americans need jobs—but don’t have the right skills to get them. Thirty-nine percent of U.S. employers reported that they face a talent shortage in a recent survey by Manpower, with jobs for technicians the hardest to fill.” While most of the material that kids learn in school is important, I do think we are missing skills that definitely need to be taught. Here are 5 essential lessons (or skills) they don’t teach in school:


Basic Life Saving Skills

I am absolutely appalled that our schools do not require children to learn basic life-saving skills, such as first aid and CPR. Every single person that walks this earth should be able to have the knowledge to try their best, in order to properly save a life. With the overall health issues that a lot of Americans experience now-a-days, we should know these simple life-saving skills.


Financial Management

Okay, so while stocks and portfolios are important to learn, I’m more so talking about the simple financial management tasks: getting out of debt, staying out of debt, paying bills, and making household financial decisions. These are important things that all children should grow up learning, in and out of school! A great way to teach children about debt is actually showing them. Chapes-JPL has been the nation’s premier asset and jewelry lender for 38 years. They provide their clients with low-interest loans on gold, silver, diamonds, platinum jewelry, as well as other products such as watches, vehicles, and handbags. They are committed to the best service, confidentiality, and integrity, in order to help you succeed financially. Since Chapes-JPL is a trustworthy place in the Atlanta area to receive a jewelry backed loan, it could be a great place to actually show and teach your children about financial responsibility.

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Home Repairs

Quite a few people that own homes have no idea how to fix a leaky pipe or a broken doorknob. Even beyond home repairs, as I mentioned above, a good chunk of our society does not know how to change a tire or change the oil on their car. These are basic skills that every single person should know how to do. Now, I’m not saying that we need to do them ourselves, but if we are in a pinch, we should be able to accomplish these simple tasks.



Although ‘friendships’ is not technically a skill set, I think community and communication are extremely important lessons to learn, before you enter the ‘real world’ of business and adulthood. Learning that fostering relationships is essential is important because, without a community, or a tribe, you cannot truly thrive. There is no education on maintaining relationships and in addition to that, quite a few kids grow up learning from their parent’s marriages (which to be completely honest, they are not always the best). We need some kind of education on forming and maintaining healthy relationships.

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Thinking For Yourself

“There’s so much emphasis today on evaluating every aspect of students’ performance that for many children, simply raising their hand in class and giving a wrong answer can be scary and traumatic. They develop a fear of not being the smartest person in the room…which leads to hanging out in some very small rooms. It’s a shame because, in today’s most exciting places to work, the most interesting projects are built on experimentation and iterative processes. People who are afraid to learn in front of others and to risk throwing out “dumb” ideas are going to miss out on big opportunities. Walk into any room prepared, but don’t let anyone—a teacher, a coach, a boss or a customer—be the final judge and jury on you or your contributions. Authority figures may not be right, or their knowledge may be outdated or incomplete. Treat them with the respect you’d give any other fellow human being but draw your own conclusions about whether your ideas have value. And if you believe in your vision for something, bring it to life without waiting for permission from any gatekeeper. The beauty of being alive now, in the digital era, is that you can,” says Forbes.