Raising Money for Charity? Here Are 8 Fundraising Ideas

Raising money for charity is a wonderful thing to do. It doesn’t matter what charity you’ve chosen or what cause the money goes towards; all of your efforts will make a big difference. The final amount you present to the charity will depend on how many people you can get involved. The more people, the more donations. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to raise money, take a look at these.




Sport is a fantastic way to get plenty of people involved and there are tons of things you could do. From doing a sponsored bike ride or run to taking part in a triathlon or mud assault course. If you’re the adventurous type, you could do a sponsored skydive or paraglide and even film the whole event to share with the charity of your choice. These types of events take training and stamina, and perhaps a strong stomach, so people will know that you’re serious about meeting your fundraising goal.


Give Something Up

We all have things we can’t go without, but giving something up for charity is worth it. You could give up chocolate for a month or go vegetarian for a week. The people who know you best will know what will be hard for you and they’ll donate when they realize how much the fundraising means to you. When you want to go to extremes, someone who loves their hair could shave their head. Although, charities won’t often recommend doing things that the fundraiser might regret.



Go on a Trip

Why not turn your charity fundraising into the experience of a lifetime? A sponsored road trip will allow you to hit the road and see things you’ve never seen before. But, why would people sponsor you to go on holiday? Well, there’s a catch. Take a look at No Birds Bash to see how two brothers did it. You’ve usually only got a limited amount of time to complete your journey, so you’ll need to cram as much as you can into 24 hours. It can be exhausting, but you come away with two things; money for your charity and an adventure you’ll never forget.



An eatathon is a contest to see who can eat the most in the least amount of time. You’ve probably already heard of pie eating contests, but you can choose whatever you wish. Among the most popular are hot dogs, doughnuts and chili’s! You can either ask each contestant to raise money themselves or charge a fee to enter the contest with all proceeds going to the charity. It’s a fun event and one that people love to watch.


Boot Sale

Most people have got things of value tucked away in their homes that are never used and often forgotten about. Have a dig through your attic and garage to see what you can find. Get a few of your friends to do the same thing. You can either set up your own car boot sale or attend an already established one. Let people know that any money you make will go towards the charity and they’ll be more likely to buy or donate.



Family Fun Day

It doesn’t cost much to set up a family fun day but it can take time. Start off by getting donations of soft toys so you have prizes for games. Get the best quotes for things like bouncing castles, cotton candy machines, and other entertainment. If it’s for charity, you’re more likely to get a discount. Families can bring their own picnics and it’s a few hours of entertainment for the kids. Whatever profit you make can go straight to the charity.


Car Wash

A sponsored car wash is ideal in the hot weather. Find somewhere local where plenty of cars drive past and put up a huge sign that no-one can miss. You’ll need to get a good group of people together so you can wash as many cars as possible in the time that you have. Charge per car and have a bucket ready for donations. Make sure any cash you accept is kept safe in a locked cash tin while you’re busy washing cars.



Coffee Morning

Who doesn’t love a cup of coffee and piece of cake at work? Take in a load of cupcakes and offer to make all the coffees in return for donations. Everyone must donate something every time they take a cake. You’ll be surprised how much you make. None of those cakes will be left at the end of the day.