Gift-Giving Guide For Clueless Partners

We’re all pretty confident that we know our significant other very well, at least until the time comes to buy them a present. When Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays, come around, everything you know about their interests goes flying out of your head. Suddenly, you have no idea of what they might want, and you’re fighting the urge to buy them another standard grooming kit. The first thing you need to do is set a reminder at least a month in advance; most people panic about gift-giving because they feel like they’re fighting the clock. The second thing to do is take a deep breath and think about it logically. You know your partner better than you think, and chances are they’ve been dropping hints for a few weeks now. If you’re still feeling clueless, here are some gift suggestions that will earn you a massive “Thank you!”

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You know all of your partner’s interests; favorite sports team, band, hobby, and which movies they’re anticipating. Search the internet to find out whether there is a relevant event happening nearby and score a couple of tickets. It could be for an art show, a live performance, or advance tickets to a movie. It’s up to you whether you go with them, or tell them to invite a friend if this is something you think they’ll enjoy more with someone who shares the interest. Even if the event is months away, they’ll still appreciate the gift.

Special bottles

By now you might know their drink preferences well enough to order for them at the bar. In which case, you can get them an expensive bottle of their favorite drink, or you can feel confident enough about expanding their horizons. If your man enjoys the occasional whiskey, for example, then read a Kikori review to see if this is something they might appreciate. If your special lady has a taste for good wine, then read wine reviews to see what they might enjoy. Alternatively, you could book a wine or whiskey tasting tour so you can try and get a new appreciation for their taste.

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Personalised Jewellery

Giving jewelry is a great idea, but why not make it better by making it personal. Monogrammed jewelry is always a simple, yet classic, gift for your favorite lady, and they can suit any budget depending on the type of metal and stone they use to make them. Lockets with small pictures of the children make perfect Mother’s Day gifts, or you can make it an anniversary gift by using pictures of you and your loved one instead.

Monthly Subscriptions

Why spend so much money on a gift for one day, when you can spend the same amount on a gift for a whole year? Monthly subscription boxes can either send personal necessities as they are used up, or send a surprise gift every month with hand-selected goodies to delight the recipient. Alternatively, if you know your partner likes a certain magazine buy them a year’s subscription.