Taking Your Kids To Festivals: Yes Or No?

There seems to be a number of huge debates out there at the moment regarding children and festivals. There are all kinds of festivals out there, from music festivals to vegan festivals. Some people believe that all festivals are a no-go for kids, while others believe taking kids to festivals can actually have positive effects on them. Want to know whether you should be taking your kids to festivals? Read on…


Camping With Kids

Camping with kids can actually be an incredible experience for them, providing you take all of the necessary supplies for them to be comfortable. They should be dry and well watered/fed, and you should avoid staying in an area that is overrun with youngsters and people making a lot of noise. Many festivals have areas that are ideal for families to camp in, so you won’t need to worry. Make sure you take more supplies than you think you need so you all have plenty of drinks, snacks, and things like nappies to see you through. Nothing will dampen a festival experience like an unhappy baby or toddler.


Festivals Especially For Families

If you’re a little averse to taking your kids to Glastonbury or a similar music festival where you think there may be debauchery coming at you from all angles, you could consider looking at festivals especially for families. Camp Bestival is one for families where your kids will be able to take part in crafts and all kinds of other fun stuff. Then there’s one like http://mrbonespumpkinpatch.com/ which is great for Halloween and that spooky time of year. You can take your kids to music festivals too, but it will be a different experience with them.


A Sense Of Adventure

You undoubtedly get more of a sense of adventure when you start looking at festivals. Fresh air, a sense of freedom, and plenty of sunshine are usually the key ingredients of any festival, and we all know that they can be fabulous for kids. It gets them away from iPads and TVs for the weekend too, which is a huge bonus. Your kids could be enjoying a juggling workshop one minute and taking part in a kid’s yoga class the next. Kids get the opportunity to get creative at festivals, and as a result they can develop a sense of confidence, not to mention social skills from meeting other families with kids.

If you’re thinking of taking your kids to a festival, rest assured that this will be a wonderful experience for them providing you choose the right festival and plan accordingly. Of course it’ll be a completely different experience to one you would have had with friends, and you’ll probably spend more time doing family activities than watching bands. However, you’ll all have a great time together, bond, and learn some new things in the process. Don’t worry about the naysayers and feel confident that you’re providing your kids with a wider perspective on the world and helping them to develop incredible life skills!