London Belongs to Me ~ Jacquelyn Middleton

*I received a free copy of this ebook in exchange for my honest and unbiased personal review and opinion.*

I recently had the chance to have a sneak peek at a new book London Belongs to Me By Jacquelyn Middleton.  I loved this book, I started off a little slow, but after a chapter (maybe even 2), I was drawn in.


London Belongs to Me is a great young adult read. The main character is Alex, Alex is a young aspiring playwriter that moves to London to pursue her dream of becoming a playwriter and hoping to have her play on stage in London.  I felt a little more drawn to the character after learning she was from Tallahassee, Florida (I have family there and know a lot about it) and she went to school in Atlanta, Georgia at Emory (which is right where I live now! 😛 ).  Alex is hoping to get a fresh start, to get away from a mother who she feels never really wanted her, a cheating ex and a lying backstabbing best friend.  She moves to London with not much and just enough money saved for rent money for a year. Alex moves in with a friend she made in college and finds some troubles right away.  Her luggage gets lost, it’s raining when she arrives, and she has a room that is the size of a closet basically.  She then meets her roommates, one who has a different girl there every night and another who is just evil! But like anyone else, Alex tries to look past the struggles and make the best of it until she just can not take any more of what life is handing her. Even after making new friends and interest in a cute guy, she isn’t sure that is enough and that she belongs in London.


Photo Credits: Jacquelyn Middleton Website

This book is full of emotion, I love feeling the emotion with the characters. If they argue, I feel like I am in the argument. When Alex felt the betrayal from friends and those around her…I felt the pain and betrayal also. One of the main things that had me feel so close to Alex was her anxiety. I am one that struggles with Anxiety myself. I love that this book talks about Anxiety and the struggles of those with Anxiety. Her friends do a great job at helping her get through her anxiety attacks and Alex herself does great with starting to tell others about them also.

Alex gets through heartbreak which we have felt and she gets through betrayal which we have all felt at some point in our lives also. Alex is a lot stronger than she thinks and I not only loved her character but the character of her friends. There was such a mix of friendship and I loved that! This book is a fantastic read, between the characters and the emotions, I just couldn’t put it down. I can not wait to see if there is another book after this. I would love to see where Alex goes from this book, from her career to friends and family and of course her love interest. 😉


Photo Credit: Jacquelyn Middleton Website

You can pre-order London Belongs to Me , it is set to publish on October 14th!

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If you want some awesome behind the scenes of London Belongs to Me, check out Jacquelyn Middleton’s website. Seeing these photos help so much with being able to see on the Authors level of this book.

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