Different Flowers and Their Meanings

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For centuries, people have given flowers as gifts, used them as decoration and grown blooms in their gardens. It is not surprising. They’re delicate, beautiful, and the most natural sources of colors that aren’t seen elsewhere in the wild. But were you aware that different flowers have different meanings behind them? Literature, art, and film have all used flowers in their makeup to give connotations to certain scenes. So, if you’re interested in understanding the deeper messages between different floral species, you’re in the right place! This knowledge will help you to put a little more thought into the flowers you give, use, and plant in your day to day life.

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Any Florist will tell you that roses are by far one of the most popular options for flowers to give to someone you care about. They are full, have soft, luxurious petals and a beautiful aroma. They come in a whole variety of colors both natural and dyed. But let’s stick with what nature has given us for now. Red roses are romantic. They represent love, beauty, courage and respect. They are the perfect option to show a romantic partner just how much you care about them. White roses are indicative of purity, innocence, reverence, youthfulness and humility. They are perfect for events such as baby showers and to bring to a new parent on the birth of their little bundle of joy. Pink roses are soft but striking. They show appreciation, thanks, and grace. So if you want to thank someone for something that they have done for you, these are the way to go. Think about it: they could be absolutely perfect for occasions such as mother’s day. Yellow roses are brighter and more exuberant. They show joy, gladness, delight and the promise of new beginnings with great things to come. These are the perfect flower to send to a loyal friend.

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Lilies are a symbol of peace. So much so that one type is even called a “peace lily”. White species combine peace with purity, making them the perfect addition to any home that needs a touch of tranquility and collected calm. The lily is also associated with transience. When people are mourning, an offering of lilies is a way to offer your condolences with more than just words. They represent the peace that their lost loved one has now passed to.

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The sunflower is a bright and boastful plant. Blooming in summer, it’s large head and open, bright yellow petals add a touch of joyous warmth to any space. Their heads turn to follow the sun (hence their name) so they can be indicative of positivity and following happiness. A bunch can transform any room and appreciation to them has been shown by great artists through time, such as Vincent van Gogh.


Who knew that flowers could mean so much? So, before you choose any bloom, it’s worth taking your time to conduct a little research and ensure that you pick the right bouquet for the occasion.