Student Stress: Keep Your Child’s Chin Up



The moment your child goes off to college is a rather bittersweet one, and all you can see to do with yourself is supply them with a care package like on

While you feel pride and happiness that they are slowly but surely building their own way up to a brighter future – they’re still your little baby, and you’ll worry about them every single day. But that’s just part of your child growing up, and you will soon learn how to accept it.

College is an exciting time for them, filled with experiences, relationships, knowledge, and freedom. But it can also be a time of stress for many too. So you can expect those late night phone calls with your child begging to be picked up because they don’t want to stay there anymore – this is normal, wade it out.

Here are some things that they can do to relieve the stress and pressure off themselves.



Running out of money tends to be a very common thing that happens during college – sometimes due to lack of responsibility and other times just because schooling can really cost a fortune. It’s important for your child to learn about financial responsibility before they move out to college. You should teach them how to manage their money without exceeding the limit. There are many tricks and tips that can help – like the benefit of student discounts for one.

They should allow themselves a small monthly or weekly spending budget (because everyone needs one!) but they should by no means go over it.

If they’re already in debt and struggling to deal with it, consolidating may help, as this is a final loan to be taken out to pay off the outstanding debt. You can find more information about this on, along with how it works and what the best companies are.



When the exams come around the corner, this is the moment your child will start to freak out. They won’t feel ready, they will wish they could go back in time, and they will just want the floor to come and eat them up. The pressure will really start to get to them, and although this is completely normal, some students can take it worse than others, and in some cases, your child can become mentally ill because of all the excessive amounts of worrying and anxiety. All you can do is show them your support and let them know that they can only do their best. Offer to help them study, or suggest they ask a friend to be their study partner to cram in some extra information. It’s a time when your child will feel extremely overwhelmed, but you just have to be there for them to ground them, and calm them down. Remind them that the worst case scenario would be failing, which means staying in school a little longer – that’s all. It’s not worth making themselves ill over – regardless of what happens, you will, and already are, so proud of them. And they need to hear that, now more than ever.