Adding Some Romance to the Holidays

If you’ve got young children, Christmas is awesome. Watching them get excited and enjoy every second of the festive season is wonderful. Christmas becomes very much about making your children happy and taking joy from their reactions. Yet, it’s also important to have some fun yourself and spend a little time with your partner.

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The holidays can be very stressful. You are continuously running around preparing everything for everyone else, shopping, decorating and worrying about money so, romance might be the last thing on your mind. But, Christmas is all about family and love. So, what better time to add a little romance and show your partner just how much they mean to you? Here are some great ways to do it.


Decorate Together


Putting the tree up is a magical time, it’s when the excitement really gets started and after weeks of avoiding all the Christmas sections in shops finally, it gets real. Your Christmas countdown has begun. Your children probably want to help with most of the decoration. But, why not save a little bit, just for the grown-ups? You could hang some lights or get a small tree in your bedroom. Some decorations that are just for you, more stylish and sophisticated, that you can enjoy together. Check out for some ideas.


Go for a Walk


What could be more romantic than a long winter walk? Either get a childminder or wait until the kids are at school. Then, wrap up warm and go for a walk. Hold hands, look at Christmas decorations, get festive drinks, go ice skating or pick out your tree. Wherever you go, make sure it’s full of hand-holding and cuddles.


Have a Festive Date Night


Getting time to go out on your own is of course, amazing. But, it’s not always possible. So, instead, put the kids to bed early, cook a warming winter meal, buy some festive treats and snuggle up under a blanket together watching your favorite Christmas films.


Christmas Eve Prep


One of the best things about being a parent at Christmas time is Christmas Eve night. Getting Santa’s treats ready, watching the kids get more and more excited until you finally get them into bed. Then getting all their presents out of hiding and making sure everything is magical for the next morning. What could be more romantic than performing this ritual with the person that you love? Take your time and enjoy it, you don’t get many years like this.


Open Some Presents Alone


Opening all of your gifts together as a family is fantastically good fun. But, it’s also romantic to save some for you and your partner to open alone that night once everyone else has gone to sleep. Check out for some ideas and make sure some of the gifts are special and personal.




Dancing is always romantic, but many couples do it much less frequently once they’ve had kids and don’t get to go out as often. Throw off any embarrassment, put some slow music on and dance together in your lounge.


Christmas is a magical time of year, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to add a little romance, even if you don’t manage to get too much time alone.

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