Family Vacation? Avoid Frustration!



A family vacation should be an amazing and unforgettable experience. But there’s an unpleasant truth about all vacations: there’s a lot of stress involved in them! This can pretty much go double – no, triple – no, quadruple for family vacations!


We want our kids to have incredible memories of their childhood, and one of the best ways to do that is to go on family vacations. The smoother and less frustrating these vacations are, the better! So we’re going to take a look at some of the best ways to ease the stress from family vacations. Consider these at the planning stages!


Picking the right place


Usually, the kids don’t have much say in where they go – that’s usually up to the parents! But you do need to make sure you keep the kids in mind. Kids get bored and tired much faster than adults do, and that will just make you feel frustrated! has a bunch of good suggestions. A location that provides kids with plenty to see and do is the best option for everyone involved!



The itinerary


Research your destination thoroughly and make sure you know what you’re all going to do! has useful templates for family itineraries. While a lot of travelers would suggest that you keep your itinerary fairly slim to allow for a bit of free roaming and spontaneity, this will be much less important or feasible when you have kids in tow!


Travel and accommodation


The best way to get cheap family fares is by booking about six to twelve weeks in advance; trying to buy things strategically last-minute doesn’t usually work out when it’s a summer family vacation because you can’t be quite as flexible with travel and accommodation. Make sure the hotel isn’t too far away from the things you want to do; long travel distances equals tired and moody children!



Transport on location


Speaking of transport, you’re going to want to plan this out ahead of time. With a family, public transport can become a little complex. If you’re going to spend a lot of time walking and your kids are particularly young, then you’ll want to consider more comfortable stroller options, such as the ones you can research at When walking all the way isn’t an option, then getting accustomed to Uber might be better than using trains or cabs. Renting a car might be an even better idea, though.




A family needs to keep quite a lot of documents on them. You need to ensure that you keep everyone’s passport in a safe place; in fact, it’s often recommended that you keep all the important documents in one place – a handy folder, perhaps. Any contracts or printed communications with hotels, car rental agencies, and airlines should be kept on you, as well as itineraries, coupons, IDs, and brochures. It’s best that you keep a hold of your kids’ passports, of course – they may not appreciate just how important it is to keep them safe!