Smartphone Gift List: The Phone Is Not Enough

You’ve got a phone, I’ve got a phone, everyone has got a smartphone these days, right? The thing is though that it’s not just the phone that we need, but all the gadgets and accessories that come along with it. Items that make perfect gift choices! However, if you have agonized over making the decision for your phone, you aren’t going to like how flooded the market is with accessories because that is going to make your choice even harder. Luckily, the post below can help as it highlights the top accessories and smartphone gadgets that are on the market today.


Fisheye lens


Know someone that loves to take photos with that vintage vibe, then the fisheye lens smartphone accessory is a good choice. It’s a curved lens that distorts the photo to give it a clever effect like the one below, while still being clear enough to see what is in it.

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Fisheye lenses usually come in a pack of three including macro and wide angle. The latter is great for taking group selfie shots and fitting everyone in the frame, and the former gives some pretty amazing magnification allow you to take stunning close-ups of your phone. The best thing is you can pick up a set for around $10, so they are a gift choice that won’t break the bank.


Power pack


Something that many people find a useful phone accessory is a power pack. Power packs are designed to be connected to your phone when you are out and about and allow you to recharge them when the battery gets low. A problem that a lot of us seem to encounter, especially as our phones don’t seem to hold as much charge as they get a little older.  


Again these are an inexpensive item averaging around 10-15 dollars, making them a reasonable gift option, even for a secret Santa.


Phone case


Phone cases may just be the most popular accessory of the lot. Perhaps, because they protect our most valuable possession, or maybe it’s a fact the protectors like this custom s7 case are a reasonably priced way of personalizing and customizing our phones?


Something that makes them a great gift for all ages as it allows them to be a bit different from everyone else’s? Choose a design that will appeal to the recipient, to your or create your own from photos and memories for a truly custom look.




Something that not everyone has, but perhaps they should is a stand for their phone. Smartphone stands come in all shapes and sizes and with multiple functionalities making them incredibly useful for their owners.


You can get one that supports the phone when you are watching TV or a movie or ones that charge them as well. You can get ones that act as speakers so the recipient can listen to a high-quality sound wherever you go. You can even get one that is designed to sit on a nightstand and convert the phone into an alarm clock, making them a truly smart accessory purchase for anyone on your gift list.