Things People Never Tell You About Taking Kids Abroad

Are you already planning your next summer vacation? Perhaps it’s going to be your first time going abroad with the kids are maybe you’re aiming to escape winter completely by spending Christmas in Hawaii. Well, then you’ll definitely want to know a few of the secrets about vacationing with kids abroad that people will never tell you. Why would they tell you? It’s fun to find out for yourself…right?

Letting Them Swim Underwater Is A Bad Idea

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So, you’ve booked a lovely hotel with a stunning pool that the kids are sure to enjoy in your tropical holiday resort. Or, maybe you have gone all out and booked a private villa. What is the first thing that kids do when they see that beautiful swimming pool? They jump in the deep end, sinking beneath the surface of the water. For one, terrifying moment you think they’re not going to resurface and then they do, swimming like a fish to the other side. Of course, diving can be great fun for kids, but you might want to encourage them to keep their heads above the water to avoid a literal headache. Or rather an earache. Ear infections are common for holiday goers, and the first sign of an ear infection is usually a pain in the ears. However, it can also reveal itself as a nasty cough, a fever and yes, even vomiting. The good news is that treating ear infections is super simple. The bad news? It will make the flight back excruciating even two weeks after it first develops.

Wait…Kids Don’t Like Queuing?

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Yes, you might think that the happiest place on earth is going to be…well the happiest place on earth, but you might be surprised. The queues in places like the unnamed theme park can be so long that they actually have to extend the waiting area. Two of the rides in Disney World this summer regularly crossed the three-hour mark. Now, Disney do what they can to make the queues interesting or exciting for people waiting. But even the little games will get boring for them eventually. Particularly for younger children who don’t fully understand why they can’t just hop on the ride. So, here is some advice. Either wait until the little ones are a little older, head on what is best described as a passive vacation (beach holiday) or plan for rest days. Remember it’s not just you that will need a rest in places like Disney. The kids will need a few days to recover too so don’t book a jam-packed schedule.

Hotels Are Fun

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It’s true if your kids have never been to a hotel before in their life they are going to love it. They’re going to love it so much that they may not want to leave. Why go to see that cool museum or visit the theme park or even go high up in a hot air balloon when they suddenly have a pool in their backyard. This is another warning about booking a full schedule. The kids could be perfectly happy playing around the pool or staying in the resort. For you, this might be incredibly frustrating after paying a fortune for a vacation with all the bells and whistles. So again, off days where you relax by the pool could be a lifesaver here.

Summer Might Not Be The Best Option

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If your kids are little, there is no reason to take them on holiday in the middle of summer. Instead, you can skip the queues, the rush, and the insane crowds by booking at other times through the year. There are different holidays, or an alternate option is to pull them out of school. Teachers hate admitting the fact that the first couple of years of school don’t really matter. But the fact is that missing a week here or there isn’t going to make a massive difference in the first years of school. And, you might find that you can teach them a lot more by taking them on an interesting vacation that is fun and educational! For instance, why let a teacher tell them about the Pyramids when you can take the kids to Cairo yourself?

It’s Super Expensive

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Yes, a trip abroad for the nuclear family could be incredibly expensive. That’s why you need to watch out for the deals and discounts that regularly pop up online. One thing to remember it’s not just the deals on flights you have to watch out for but also the insurance, travel insurance by AXA offer competitive and affordable prices to get you covered on your holiday. Oh, and if you do see an ad that says ‘kids go free’ remember that company probably isn’t saving you money. Read the small print, and ‘kids’ could be classed as under five. At which point you’ll probably find that there really isn’t that much for kids this age to enjoy once they get there,

I hope this helps you uncover the truth behind taking your kids abroad.