Is A Road Trip With Kids Really Such A Good Idea?

It seemed like a good idea at the time. It really did. Heading out onto the open road with your angelic little darlings and partner. Just your tight-knit little brood traversing the United States with nothing more than your vehicle, a couple of suitcases in the back and plenty of positive vibes to send you along your way. I guess spending lots of the time on the road is not quite as pleasant when you are traveling alone and for work! I friend of mine is a builder and he was telling me how much time he has to spend in his van driving from job to job. Although he did add that he had just got a new van from a van leasing broker so that at least put a big smile on his face! The kids would chill out in the back seat, you’d sing songs together on the journey, and you’d spend some quality time together as a family unit. That was the plan. However, now all you can envisage are your little hooligans (who you love dearly) thumping one another in the back seat, arguing over travel games and constantly whining and enquiring as to whether you have reached your destination yet. Never fear – that idea you had of heading out on a road trip with your cherubs is still a good one. Take a look at how you can make it a stress-free and fun-filled trip of a lifetime.

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Make It A Vacation For Everyone


Before you set off, ensure that you have a family meeting and brainstorm some of the activities you’d like to do as a family. Your son might want to launch himself down every slide at a water park while your daughter wants to explore the more sedate science museums along the way. Here, you need to strike your deals and share out the activities. Your kids will understand and respect that some days they won’t be having the most thrilling experience of their lives, but they’ll take solace in knowing that their activity of choice is just a day or two away.


Don’t forget that you deserve a holiday too. A great way of ensuring you experience a little relaxation on your vacation is to book some accommodation along the way like the Park City Marriott with a fitness center and hot tub to wind down in after a hectic day out with the kids. Alternatively, if you love nothing more than getting back to basics, a trip to a national park, sleeping in a tent under the stars can work wonders for the soul.

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Fill Their Time


Kids get bored easily. You may have the main activities of the vacation sorted but what about those hours on the road? Make sure you pack plenty of healthy snacks and drinks. Allocate a ration to your kids for each journey and make it their responsibility to make it last that leg of the trip. Incentivize them with a reward at the end of the journey if they’ve been particularly well behaved such as they get to choose dinner or they have first dibs on the room they pick at the hotel you’re staying at.


Ensure they have travel games, music and even a portable DVD player. Tablets are great nowadays for car journeys. While you don’t want your offspring missing out on all of the views and vistas, to take the edge off the monotony of some of the longer stints, you can allow them some technology time.


While venturing on a road trip with kids may seem daunting, its success is fully dependant on the organization you put in beforehand. Follow these tips, and you should soon be going on the family trip of a lifetime.