Terry Treetop and the Little Bear

Do you have a beginner reader? Terry Treetop and the Little Bear is a great self-read book for beginners or even just a cute book to read with your littles ones.

2016090404707f0f7a50766c2de5379986c88e349625e0d77eTerry Treetop and the Little Bear is the 5th book in the Terry Treetop best sellers series and teaches your child(ren) about the signs of spring and the bears that leave their den during this season.  My son is all about learning of hibernation after seeing the episode on Curious George; this book was a great book to go along with teaching him.

Terry Treetop finds a little bear that comes into his backyard while he is playing in his tree house. Terry Treetop just can’t wait to play with little bear until he sees the momma bear calling her little one back into the woods.  Terry Treetop then hears a cry as if something is wrong and worries if the little bear is in danger.

Read more about Terry Treetop and the Little Bear to find out more! Is little bear in trouble? Or is it momma bear? Does Terry help them? And do they even ever get to play with each other?  This eBook is a cute short book that has pictures along with the simple text that a perfect for any beginner reader.  This book is ideal for children ages 2-8.

Get your eBook version here on Amazon: Terry Treetop and the Little Bear

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