Throwing Caution to the Wind and Planning a Family Trip to Europe

Family life can sometimes feel like a series of one stressor after another. There are always so many things to do, fix or organize. Dinner for the night, making the school run on time, attending meetings, getting everyone to their extracurricular activities or sports clubs. The list goes on and that’s all before even considering work, a social life, and other responsibilities. It’s not surprising that you can feel overwhelmed from time to time. But remember, every once in awhile it’s important to let your hair down, relax and get away from the stresses of everyday living. The best way to do this? A family vacation. When you have kids, it can be tempting to stay close to home. But you all deserve a true adventure. So why not stray further afield? Ditch the roadmap for a nearby camping trip and start planning a vacation to Europe. Here are a few family friendly places that you might like to check out.

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Disneyland Paris, France


America is the home of Disney, but how about adding a little Continental twist to everyone’s favorite Mouse and his friends? Disneyland Paris is smaller scale than its American counterparts, allowing you and your family a more intimate experience. If you’re organized and don’t dawdle, you might even be able to make it around the entire park in one trip! Opt to visit around special occasions or festivities, as this is when the parades are at their best. Halloween and Christmas, in particular, are great times to book your tickets. After visiting the park, why not take a few extra days to explore the rest of Paris? There are plenty of cultural days out that will enrich your little ones. From a trip up the Eiffel Tower to a day out in the region’s Natural History Museum, there’s plenty of things for a family to experience. Ensure to exchange your money beforehand; you can Buy Euros with Qantas Cash. There will be all sorts of little bits and bobs that the kids will want to pick up as souvenirs.

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London, United Kingdom


The U.K.’s capital city makes the ultimate travel destination for families with kids. Think of the sheer amount of activities packed right into central London. Have a day out to the world famous Madame Tussaud’s, go for a spooky adventure in the London Dungeons, have photographs with the Beefeaters outside Buckingham Palace and look over the entire city in a pod on the London Eye. If you find that legs are getting weary, jump on an open top bus, where you can see all of the sights from the comfort of your seat. If your family has a sweet tooth, drop into M&M’s world, a haven for those who like chocolatey treats. Then top things off with a memorable meal at the Rainforest Cafe. Rain falls from the ceilings around you as you eat and kids will be entranced by the animatronics and convincing atmosphere. Perfect!


While you may be comfortable with local trips in places that you’ve frequented many times before, heading to Europe will give your family an experience of the wider world. Just remember that capital cities can get busy, so insist that your children hold your hand or one another’s hands at all times when out in public. This will reduce stress and you will be able to enjoy the whole experience together.

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