Time For School! How To Get That Morning Routine Down

The summer vacation can feel like such a long prospect if you’re a seasoned parent with children already getting that school bus every day. For parents who have children in about to start kindergarten, it feels like the beginning of the end. The beginning of something entirely new for your baby, but for you the end of an era of night feeds, diapers and chasing around after a crazy toddler! It’s time to embrace the new pre-schooler status your child has, and get ready for the first day of school.

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Trying to establish a whole new routine when you’re not used to having one is not easy. Sure, you may already have a little routine of morning bathing, dental care and breakfast, but if your little one isn’t yet school age you won’t usually have the time constraints that come with the start of kindergarten. Getting to school on time is difficult if you’ve never had to have an early morning routine going before, but don’t fret! We’ve put together some helpful tips for your school run woes!

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  1. Preparation Is Key. By preparing everything you need the night before, you can shave so much time. Ideally you would have checked the school bus times – if you are using one – but if you’re driving, you’ll at least know the latest time you need to get the children to school. Have their fresh clothes and backpack ready and downstairs before they go to bed. If you lay them out it’ll be easier for them to dress. Pack any lunches and get them into the refrigerator for the morning. The week before school starts, make a list of things you know need to be done for the morning so that you can be ready.
  2. Set An Alarm. You will need to get yourself ready as well as the little ones, and there’s nothing worse than running around half asleep! Set your alarm half an hour before your little one’s alarm goes off. This gives you time to wake up and shower before getting yourself dressed. You are going to be far calmer if you are ready without rushing around!
  3. Dress Last. You’ve got the clothes pressed and ready, the school bag is ready to go and you need to just get into the clothes. Always have breakfast and teeth brushing first – both of these can get messy and the last thing you need is the freshly laundered clothing being splashed with toothpaste or cereal. Dress last and you avoid any last-minute messes.
  4. Test Run. The day before school begins, have a test run. Instead of going to school, drive to the local swimming pool or beach instead for a last day of fun. Try out your newly planned routine and check your timings.

By establishing a good routine, you can avoid morning chaos and if you time it right, traffic chaos. Driving the kids to school instead of having them take the bus can be a pain, but if you’re organized you won’t be able to mess up!

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