Reduce Stress and Regain Quality of Life! {Tools4Wisdom Organizer}

*I received the Tools4Wisdom Planner for free in exchange for an honest review and blog post.*

I have been a little MIA the past few weeks since my son has been sick.  He got strep a couple weeks ago and a week later started with some bruising which we knew was not normal. After quite a few phone calls with the doctors about medicines and a rash on him, I took him to the Doctors February 24th. They sent us in for some blood work and the next day they called to tell us to take him to the ER for more testing because his platelet levels were super low. Talk about freaking a mom out. After more testing, a CT scan and a x-ray (he was wheezing), we received the clear to come home and not have to be admitted. We were told his platelets were still low and was diagnosed with ITP which is Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. ITP is just a blood disorder where bruising and bleeding can easily happen but there is not much we can do. Just keep an eye on him and try to have him take it easy.  We went for more testing at the specialist the week after and he has been out of school for 3 weeks almost (1 being his winter break). Between primary care appointments, specialist and lab work, I just can’t keep up with them all. I was thankful for this Tools4Wisdom Planner and Organizer!

{Photo Credit:Tools4Wisdom Amazon}

{Photo Credit: Tools4Wisdom Amazon}

I have been able to keep all of his appointments logged along with keeping up with when he missed school, what his tests were and my own daily goals and activities. This planner is a little larger, so keeping it in my purse is not the easiest, but keeping it on my desk is perfect, Plus I love the cover, it says “Always believe in yourself”. Which is a reminder I have definitely needed! With life and my son being sick with a rare autoimmune disorder I have to remind myself to just believe in myself. I am a great mom and doing the best that I can!

{Photo Credit: Tools4Wisdom Amazon}

This Planner has the hardcover that also has tabs for each month. The size is 8.5 X 11 inches and has January- December 2017! There are also Goal tabs and a back pocket to keep any papers, notes or whatever else you may want to keep up with. This Planner is a great way to help you gain focus with your daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly goals.

{Photo Credit: Tools4Wisdom Amazon}

This Tools4Wisdom planner is not only for keeping up with your dates. There is so much helpful information to better your days and life with less stress. You can find helpful information on planning your days, weeks and months. Along with steps to help you live your life on purpose. With a great 20-20 Habit Challenge. Just 20 minutes a day for 20 days in a row, work on planning each day at the same time. Achieve this small goal and your life will come into focus. Less stress for you to reach more goals and live a healthier lifestyle.

{Photo Credit: Tools4Wisdom Amazon}

You can find spaces for personal goals, or professional goals. Top Priority goals, meaningful goals and other goals that you plan to accomplish. You can also get into more details on your set goals and start a journal and mind map to set yourself on the right track.  Each month has a section to keep up with your goals, notes, a monthly calendar along with the weekly breaking down to the daily organization.

Find the Tools4Wisdom Planner and Organizer here with so many other awesome cover designs. These are perfect for busy moms, teachers, and so much more! I absolutely love this planner and how much it has helped me get through my daily goals and even start better habits for myself. Life can be stressful and chaotic especially as a mom, but you can control it and make it a little easier for yourself with some organization. Take a look!

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