Bye Bye Nasty Dog Breath!

81h8r6tagfl-_sl1500_Say good bye to your pets yucky breath! T-Pet Dog Daily Dental Care Gel is infused with peppermint and spearmint, smells great to me (I didn’t taste it sorry).  The Gel is just easily brushed with the finger brush onto your dogs teeth and after you finish, gently massage your dogs lower and upper teeth and gums on both sides.

Dog dental care is not easy and before trying this I was nervous. I mean what dog do you think likes their teeth brushed? I can’t even get my dog to sit still long enough to be brushed. Our dog Kaylie freaked out a little because it was something new but surprisingly did well. She was not too much of a fan of the brushing, but she let me do it. She was too busy trying to figure out the taste. She looked like a dog who had sticky peanut butter stuck in her mouth.718uufqbkbl-_sl1001_

T-Pet’s Dog Dental Gel has been clinically tested to visually remove dental plaque and tartar by 20%, and nd 17% respectively within 1 month of continuous use as well as gums and gingivitis. The ingredients are all natural and 100% edible (even for humans if you wish to share with your pet). Some of the natural ingredients used are Fucoidan, Tannic Acid, Peppermint and Spearmint Leaf Oil.

Your pet is a part of your family, so you should take care of them just as you would your children. Now with this T-Pet Dog Dental Gel, you can get back to cuddles and puppy dog kisses. Also, this Gel is a great way to get closer to your pet. When applying the gel promotes a closer relationship along with better communication between you and your dog. I am hoping this helps with our getting closer and she will finally let me do her nails. 😛

T-PET Dog Daily Dental Care Gel can be found on Amazon and with Prime Shipping, you can get it in 2 days! 🙂


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