How To Travel With Kids (Without Going Insane!)

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We all need some time away every so often, especially if you spend your time either working or looking after your kids. Of course, as a parent, vacations come with an extra layer of trouble on top of them. Trying to take a trip with kids can be something of a nightmare. Whether it’s making sure that they’ve packed everything (then going back because of something they’ve forgotten), to keeping them entertained while traveling, to listening to them complain about being hungry/tired/thirsty for eight solid hours, kids can make even the most relaxing trip feel pretty stressful. But is that the way that it has to be or are there ways to make your family vacation a little bit less maddening? To help you avoid pulling your hair out, here are a few simple ideas to help you get through traveling with your kids without losing your mind entirely.

Go somewhere that they will love

One important thing to remember is that your vacation should be for the whole family. You might want to spend two weeks lounging by the pool doing nothing but your kids are likely to find that incredibly boring. And we all know what happens when kids get bored: they start getting up to no good! If you find that your kids are being as irritating or badly behaved as possible on your vacation, it’s probably because they’re bored. Why not take a trip to somewhere that you’ll all enjoy? At the very least you should mix it up. Maybe spend one day relaxing on the beach and the other at somewhere like the SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium. Wherever you go there are almost certainly going to be things to keep kids entertained, and you’ll probably find something to enjoy about them too!

Take things to keep them entertained while traveling

There probably isn’t a parent alive for whom the phrase “are we there yet?” doesn’t send a chill up their spine. Being stuck on a plane, train, or automobile with your kids for several hours at a time can be something like a waking nightmare for a lot of people. Luckily there are now more ways to keep your kids entertained than ever before. Things like tablets and handheld games consoles are fantastic for holding their attention for as long as possible. Of course, make sure that you remember to keep them charged!

Start packing early

Packing is often one of the most stressful things about going on vacation even if you don’t have kids but trying to get the whole family packed can be a serious uphill struggle. The best thing that you can do is to get started as early as possible so that you’re not rushing around at the last minute. Make clear lists of everything that needs to be packed and make sure that everyone has one. That way you can leave the kids to pack their own suitcases but you can also make sure that they’re packing the right things rather than a suitcase full of Lego and only one pair of underpants.

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