Using Remote Staff Without Losing Consistency (Yes, It Is Possible)

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Like any small business, your blogging venture is far too much work for one pair of hands to handle. As such, finding the right people to support you on the road to success is essential. Otherwise, the blog will essentially remain a hobby that earns a few dollars on the side.


The limitations of working from home cannot be ignored, but there are ways to overcome those obstacles. The entire nature of your business is tailored towards the digital arena. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that online communication is the key. Remote freelancers are your key to success, and here’s how you can be sure that they will provide the goods.


Master The Recruitment Process


It’s impossible to expect optimum results if you don’t first find the right people to work for your business. It can be very easy to use the first or cheapest option that you find, but the value of great employees means you must pay more attention to this element.


Don’t be afraid to hold video chat interview processes with potential clients to analyze whether they are right for the project. Meanwhile, if taking on writers or designers, you may want to set them a quick trial project to ensure that they understand the brand.

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Stick To Familiar Situations


Anybody that applied for a job within the blogging arena should be familiarized with the common platforms. As such, choosing WordPress to create a blog template and CMS system is probably the smartest decision you’ll ever make. This removes a potential source of confusion.


Employees can’t do too much damage to your site. This is especially true when your site utilizes different levels of authority and moderation settings. Aside from making life easier for them, it ensures that the readers enjoy a consistent design. In turn, this makes a better blog for everyone.


Keep Them Informed


While the fundamental features of WordPress are almost identical from blog to blog, the unique DNA is what makes yours stand out. From understanding the tone to knowing when and where to place visual media, those decisions count for everything. If you want them to follow your guidance, you must teach them well.


Any information presented to your team needs to be unambiguous and easy to digest. PowerPoint classes will enable you to do this with optimum efficiency. Likewise, you could create presentations to help your staff seek sponsorships and partners for the business.

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Provide Feedback


The most difficult challenge of not managing people in a physical location is keeping them on the right path. Communication is everything, and regular feedback has a huge role to play. After all, this is one of the elements that will truly make them feel like a part of a team.   


Weekly emails to the team, highlighting good points and areas for improvement can work wonders. This will boost motivation levels and provide ongoing guidance. Furthermore, if they still show no signs of improvement, you’ll have a legitimate reason to end the deal without any guilt. For their sake as well as yours, sitting in silence isn’t an option.


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