Violin Bows at Musicians Friend!

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One thing I miss from being in High School was being in our Orchestra. I started in Middle school and got pretty good but lost my interest once my Grandfather passed away. After he passed I had a rough time keeping interest because I knew how much he loved to listen and watch.

Just this last week, I came across my old instrument, which I need to get tuned up and new strings. Those you can find just about at any music store. But the bows are where the money can add up.

Where can I find the best Bow?

If you are a hardcore Violin player than I am sure you may have gone through some bows a time or two. Luckily a violin bow available at Musicians Friend. They have so many choices to choose from, some of the best brands out there also. If you are in the need for a new bow, maybe just some new horse hair for your bow, you can search by the best sellers, top rated and find your perfect match!

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