Ways to Make Your Child More Confident

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Is your child lacking in confidence, always trying to avoid going out and interacting with other kids, or doing their best to skip school?


It can be heart-breaking for a parent to know that their child has low self-esteem and insecurities, and it can seem like a personal failing your part. But before contacting signature.loan for a loan to cover counseling costs with the best therapists in town, consider the following suggestions.


Here are a few ways you, as a parent, can help to boost your child’s confidence.


Talk to your child


It’s no secret that children are often reluctant to talk about what’s bothering them, especially if it feels their parents are badgering them for information that they feel too embarrassed or insecure to share.


Nonetheless, as a parent, it’s your job to communicate with your child and find out as best you can what’s got them down and what’s preoccupying them. Don’t come right at it if at all possible, but talk them around to explaining how they’re feeling.


You want to put them at ease so they feel confident confiding in you and know that you’ll help them rather than shame them or make matters worse.


Enrol them in a martial arts class


At first, a martial arts class may be stressful for a shy child. Over time, though, as their skills in their particular discipline improve and they find themselves feeling more and more comfortable with a situation that once terrified them, their confidence will rise by leaps and bounds.


Martial arts fulfill various important roles. For one, they teach a child physical self-defence skills which can help them feel less intimidated by bullies. For another, they teach that difficulties, challenges, and fears can be overcome. Finally, they teach that, with practice, we can all improve at what we do.


Introduce them to meditation


Studies have shown that meditation is one of the best overall practices for wellbeing. It can alleviate depression, reduce rumination and negative thought patterns, and create a sense of lingering calm.


Rather than trying to get your child to follow an ultra-formal meditation practice, get some child-friendly guided meditation tapes, have them sit comfortably on a sofa, and help them relax into the practice at least once a day.


Tell them stories of people who overcame all the odds


Children can be mean to each other and themselves. If your child feels like a failure in some area — less popular than the other children, less good at sports, less successful with the latest homework assignment — their confidence can easily fall apart.


Instead of just telling them there’s nothing to worry about and leave it at that, introduce them to the many stories of those who faced all the odds, overcame them, and came out the other end stronger than ever.


Choose examples that you feel your child can relate to and appreciate, rather than just those you might personally be impressed by. If your kid loves action and adventure, find an example of a great explorer who was once a humble, shy young man, and passes it on.

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