The Worst Things About The Holiday Season

Generally speaking, the holiday season is the best part of the year. We’ve just made it through Thanksgiving, and it’s been so much fun seeing family and just getting everyone together for a laugh and a joke. I can’t wait to do it all again in a month’s time for Christmas and New Years!


However, there are elements of the holiday season I hate. I don’t think I’m alone in saying this, as many of us parents are close to mental breakdowns at this time of the year! All it takes is one little thing to send us over the edge. But, we have to remain strong and deal with all these downsides! Otherwise, we could ruin what should be the best time of the year.


So, here are the things I dislike the most about the holiday period, and what you should do to deal with them:




Constant, Endless, Traffic

Did any of you see the footage from Thanksgiving in LA? The tweet above showcases perfectly why I dislike the holiday season; there’s so much traffic. It makes it almost impossible to drive anywhere or be on time for anything. You have to leave hours in advance, meaning you might get less sleep in the morning, and it just puts you in a horrible mood. To make matters worse, the traffic annoys you so much you try and recover lost time by speeding to your destination. As it rightly points out on Robert F. Rider website, this kind of reckless driving can get your prosecuted. So, you’re potentially late for everything or end up getting fined money for speeding. It’s horrible, and the only advice I can give is to try and remain calm. Maybe bring a nice CD in the car to calm you down and keep you entertained. Or, think about taking public transport to bypass a lot of the traffic.

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Shoppers Everywhere

Whether they’re Christmas shopping or simply buying groceries for the holiday season, there are shoppers everywhere during this period. It makes it so hard to go out and be productive. You want to nip to the shop and pick something up for dinner, only to almost get carried away by the wave of shoppers going crazy. If you’re not careful, the stress can make you snap and completely blow a fuse. I’d hate to be a retail worker at this time of the year, as they get berated by stressed shoppers all the time. To avoid doing this, and ruining someone’s day, try shopping at quiet periods – like really early in the morning. Or, do most of your present shopping online to reduce Christmas stress.

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The Pressure

Finally, the pressure of the holiday season can be very hard to deal with. You want to make the best dinners, buy the best gifts, and ensure the family has a great time. It’s a huge burden to bear, leading to many breakdowns. Try and cut yourself some slack this year, don’t expect too much of yourself, and just do what you can. Remember, your family will love you no matter what!


So, you’ve seen what I hate most about the holiday season, and I’ll gladly hear any of yours in the comments section below.


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